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2046 – A movie project for the

Focus On Ability Awards 2022

The year is 2046 as a young reporter, Ryan Turner-Maxwell, interviews Cole Thelin, the new Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Prime Minister Thelin is making history both in New Zealand and around the world by being the first Prime Minister with a disability to hold office.  The voting public of New Zealand has spoken in a united and powerful voice “We are ready for you now Prime Minister!” 

The intent of our film 2046 is to inspire people with a disability to aim high and always achieve their goals. To show people with disabilities they can be leaders!

Ryan Turner-Maxwell and Cole Thelin

Cole Thelin

Hi, I’m Cole.  I like fishing and tinkering with boats and trailers, I love to keep myself occupied.  I am a 17 year old Nelson College student and I really enjoy doing Media studies, making a film and learning how to edit it afterwards. I also have hearing, eye sight and co-ordination issues.

Ryan Turner-Maxwell

Hi, I’m Ryan, I’m an 18 year old student with Maitai School in Nelson.  I like biking, photography, trucks, buses and aviation spotting.  I have a learning disability and processing disorder.