Our teachers are passionate about learning and dedicated to their work with our students. They are committed to working alongside parents and all the other important people who make up a student’s team, transforming aspirations into reality. Teachers integrate all the significant information from parents, therapists, other agencies, and from the students themselves, to create lively motivating learning experiences, through in-class programmes and through our extensive range of curriculum enrichment activities.

Stefan Hervel

Stefan is a Teacher who came to Maitai School in 2001 from his home in Germany where he worked with children and adults with special needs. Stefan teaches in Te Ara Ora class at our Base School, working with the older students. Stefan is also the school I.C.T Lead Teacher.

Stefan can be contacted at: stefan@maitai.school.nz

Carly Angus

Carly returned to Maitai School in 2015, after having time off to be with her young family. She has taught across many classes at Maitai School and is now a teacher at our Base School in Te Ara Ora and Mānuka.

Carly can be contacted at: carly@maitai.school.nz

Kate Smith

Kate started working at Maitai School in 2017. Originally from the Bay of Plenty, Kate worked at a Special School in Western Australia before she moved back to New Zealand. Kate teaches the Kōwhai Class at Base School.

Kate can be contacted at: kate.smith@maitai.school.nz

Erica Harper

Erica teaches at our Henley Waimea Satellite. She is the Satellite Coordinator and is also our Assistant Principal. Erica has particular strengths working with students requiring Sensory/Communication programmes.

Erica can be contacted at: erica.harper@maitai.school.nz

Jenni Verity

Jenni joined our teaching team in 2022 and teaches at our Nayland College Satellite. Her passion is to develop learning programmes which are meaningful and fun. Jenni has taught throughout primary school and extensively within Special Needs education and values walking alongside our students as they gain the skills to be independent learners.

Jenni can be contacted at: jenni.verity@maitai.school.nz

Nicky Crawford

Nicky joined our teaching team in 2022 and teaches at our Victory School Satellite.

Nicky can be contacted at: nicky.crawford@maitai.school.nz

Aleksandra Verbost

Aleksandra joined Maitai School in 2021 and teaches at our Henley/Waimea Satellite. Originally from Slovenia, Aleksandra taught history, social science, languages, and Inclusion working with children and adults with special needs.

Aleksandra can be contacted at: aleksandra.verbost@maitai.school.nz

Juliette Hunter

Juliette joined our teaching team in 2018 after returning from London. She previously taught New Entrants but had always hoped that she would move into Special Education when the opportunity arose. She has worked part time since having her two children and is our Maths Curriculum Leader.

Juliette can be contacted at: juliette.hunter@maitai.school.nz

Laura Della Bosca

Laura originally started her teaching career at Maitai School and has returned after spending the last six years teaching in Christchurch. She is teaching at our Henley/Waimea Satellite. Laura is passionate about ensuring all students have the opportunity to grow and be successful.

Laura can be contacted at: laura@maitai.school.nz

Nic Matthews

Nic teaches the students in Mānuka class at our Base School and is also our Behaviour Team Leader. Nic has worked in Special Education for his whole career. He loves what he does and enjoys that no two days are the same.

Nic can be contacted at: nic.matthews@maitai.school.nz