Individual Education & Transition Plans

Individual Education / Transition Plans (IEPs / ITPs) provide the focus to ensure each student receives the best support possible to succeed in all aspects of their school life, and beyond.

The plans support a robust cycle of teaching and learning that builds on each student’s success from year to year.  The plans are developed by the student and their team, and underpin progress within the Maitai Curriculum, as well as supporting whānau priorities.

Teams include whānau, the people at school, and others who are significant for the student.  Teams come together at least twice each year to review progress, agree on and record important, strength based goals, and determine the framework for a new or revised plan.  Goals are based on the NZ Curriculum Key Competencies, and build on each student’s strengths, interests, and priorities.  Throughout the year, the team monitors and records progress, reviews as needed, and supports the student to proudly achieve each goal.