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HydroAt Maitai School we believe all children and young adults requiring special education support, should receive the best possible services, personalised to their priorities and aspirations, as they change and progress through each stage of their school life, into adulthood.

Our role at Maitai School is to serve our students and their whānau to the highest standard possible throughout these years.  The services we offer are:

  • comprehensive, covering all educational and therapy requirements
  • connected – teachers parents and therapists work closely together
  • highly flexible and rapidly responsive, to immediately meet challenges as they arise

Maitai School is a ‘specialist service provider’.  As such, we have the ability to immediately allocate therapy and teacher aide time when priorities change, or challenges arise.  When parents request a service (such as a speech-language therapy assessment) we can respond immediately.

Students may move between our sites, or in and out of other local school options, during their time at school, depending on the best interests of each student, and the wishes of their parents.

  • Up Coming Events

    1 March (Fri, 6-8pm) - Staff/Whanau BBQ

    13 March (Wed) - Special Olympics Swimming

    12 April (Fri) - End of term 1

    29 April (Mon) - Beginning of term 2










  • Term Dates 2018

    Term 1: 7th Feb – 13th April
    Term 2: 1st May – 6th July
    Term 3: 23rd July – 28th Sept
    Term 4: 15th Oct – 20th Dec

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