ERO Report

Education Review Office report 2015

These excerpts provide a glimpse of this outstanding report:

“The school is very effective in providing education and care for students with complex special learning needs. This is particularly evident in the way students are making significant progress towards their individual goals. The school is well placed to sustain and improve its performance because of strong governance, leadership and management practices and a positive, improvement-focused school culture…ERO is likely to carry out the next review in four-to-five years.”

“Students learn in a positive and inclusive school culture where diversity is recognised and celebrated and the school’s values are actively promoted. Respectful, supportive and caring relationships exist between staff and students. Such relationships, along with school practices, promote students’ wellbeing and sense of belonging.”

“The school’s curriculum effectively supports and promotes students’ learning and wellbeing. It is clearly aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum and effectively adapted to reflect the uniqueness of its students… [It] provides students with a well-balanced, integrated and rich variety of learning experiences. These experiences continue to expand in response to students’ strengths, interests and needs. Students have many opportunities to have fun and experience success.”

We invite you to read more:

Maitai School ERO Report 2015

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