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A key feature of the Maitai School Curriculum, that broadens and sustains our students’ learning,  is the provision of a range of Enrichment Programmes.

Enrichment Programmes are fun and are embedded in each student’s teaching and learning programme.

Enrichment opportunities may occur daily, weekly, or termly.  They may be planned and ongoing, or respond rapidly to the developing priorities and strengths of individual students.  These programmes support the focus and direction of learning.

Swimming Programme

Swimming Programme

Enrichment Programmes include:

Riding, Swimming lessons and Hydrotherapy, Inclusion opportunities in regular schools, Social Skills, Working with Sounds, Body Songs, Kapa Haka, Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC), Enterprise Studies, South Pacific Education Courses (SPEC), Yoga, Transition Pathway, Waimarama Horticultural Programme, as well as tending the vegetables in our school  garden.

Special Olympics Basketball

Special Olympics Basketball

  • Up Coming Events

    1 March (Fri, 6-8pm) - Staff/Whanau BBQ

    13 March (Wed) - Special Olympics Swimming

    12 April (Fri) - End of term 1

    29 April (Mon) - Beginning of term 2










  • Term Dates 2018

    Term 1: 7th Feb – 13th April
    Term 2: 1st May – 6th July
    Term 3: 23rd July – 28th Sept
    Term 4: 15th Oct – 20th Dec

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